Massage visits will be charged at the agreed per massage or hourly rate.

We have a minimum amount of massages for a visit which will be stated in
our conversations with you.

Client info forms need to be filled in prior to the massage visit and are
strictly confidential, and so the therapist knows if there are any health
issues to take into account when massaging.

If a booking needs to be rescheduled by you, we will try our utmost to
accommodate the changes, but may incur a fee depending on the amount of
notice given.

For bookings cancelled within 48hrs of the massage visit, the full rate
will be charged.

Bookings cancelled within the 72hrs (and not including the 48 hours) will
be charged a 75% cancellation fee.

Re-scheduled bookings will incur a fee depending on the amount of notice
given – 75% within 48hours and 50% within 72 hours (but outside the 48
hour window).

Clients with certain health issues will need to provide a medical
clearance from their GP/specialist before commencing with massage.