Corporate Massage Benefits

The advantages of using ONSITE MASSAGE at your workplace will benefit you in numerous ways. You can help ease tension, increase alertness and enhance calm thinking with an experienced, easy to set up and reliable service.

With the changes in May 2003 to the Health and Safety in Employment Act, it’s a great way for employers to reduce mental and physical stress in the work environment. Regular massage can help to improve your overall sense of wellbeing, thus allowing us to function at our best.

BENEFITS TO YOUR COMPANY: therapeutic massage helps by lowering the damaging effects of accumulated stress in the workplace. It can help make staff more focused, boost energy and staff morale, and increase productivity. Relaxation massage can entice customers to your stand at product launches and events, and can start or enhance a company’s wellness program.

BENEFITS TO THE EMPLOYEE: massage helps to reduce tension, increases joint mobility and blood circulation, and eases aches and pains from repetitive work on computers or machinery. It helps improve concentration, removes toxins and boosts the immune system – so LESS SICK DAYS! As an incentive or great perk on secretary’s day, for example, it can enhance mood and make for a happier, healthier workforce.

BENEFITS OF USING US: an experienced, professional team of practitioners, we will come to you, so saving time and travel costs! There are no start-up costs or overheads, just the charge per massage or hourly rate; your schedule can be emailed or coordinated by phone. We have over 10 years experience so know that a professional easy-to-use service is of importance!

Therapeutic massage can be used to help address a host of long term and emerging problems.

Various STUDIES have shown the effects of work-related stress and injuries.

The study by Driscoll T, Mannetje A, Dryson E, Feyer A-M, Gander P, McCracken S, Pearce N, Wagstaffe M: ‘The burden of occupational disease and injury in New Zealand’, Technical Report, NOHSAC, Wellington, 2004, refers to the link between some musculoskeletal problems and the work environment. Click here for link

According to a recent report from Department of Labour, ‘How Health and Safety Make Good Business Sense’, the practice of poor health and safety standards in the workplace can possibly cost companies thousands and thousands of dollars due to, amongst others, absenteeism, and low productivity. Click here for link

In their study published 2004, ‘The Stress and MSD Study’ led by Dr Jason Devereux and his co-workers at the University of Surrey, it is brought to note that “the rate of development of work-related stress and musculoskeletal disorders is alarming and is a serious economic, social and health issue.” (, see research, stress)


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