About Us


ONSITE MASSAGE offers an effective way to combat work-related stress. You will receive therapeutic massage treatments from reliable, qualified practitioners with a minimum NZQA Certificate or Diploma. We have been helping Auckland companies, since 2003, to benefit from our visits – perhaps before RSI can become a chronic problem and rehabilitation becomes more costly.

ONSITE MASSAGE on an ergonomically designed chair or mobile massage table at your event or product launch, or at company workshops or party, can also be a great way to entice customers or as a treat after long hours or a tight deadline.

We encourage a personal wellness program by reminding staff to do their micro-pauses to minimize OOS-related injuries, to drink plenty of water and to take note of workstation posture. Any small room or quiet area can be used for a relaxing but energizing massage. We can set up a booking system by email or leave the schedule for you to organize, whichever is more convenient, so don’t hesitate to CONTACT US for any enquiries.

Our practitioners specialize in applying specific techniques to your injuries, aches and pains to help treat acute or chronic problems. TREAT YOUR STAFF TO A STRESS-BUSTING MASSAGE!

THERAPEUTIC/RELAXATION MASSAGE: Addresses the mental stress and muscular tension that is stored in the body, and the focus can be specific or general. It can be used as a preventative treatment to help with frequent headaches or insomnia, for example.

REMEDIAL AND DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Can help repair damage and is used to support and speed up the body’s repair mechanism. It can be used to help address musculo-skeletal dysfunctions associated with health issues and various sport injuries.