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Navigating End-of-Year Stress: Finding Calm Amid Chaos With An Onsite Massage

As the year winds down, the pace of life seems to do just the opposite. It’s a familiar story: deadlines at work start piling up as we rush to finish the year on a high note, while our personal lives become a whirlwind of holiday planning, shopping, and social events. This crunch time can really […]

How An Onsite Massage Can Benefit Your Business

Over the past few years, many businesses have started to pay attention to workplace well-being. Working in an office can be hazardous to our health. Hunching over computers leads to sore shoulders and necks. And sitting down all day can give us back and hip aches. While massage may bring some direct benefits to staff […]

Why a Winter Massage at Work is Exactly What You Need

Winter often conjures images of cozy fires and hot cocoa, but the cold can also bring along a host of health challenges. People tend to exercise less in winter because it’s colder, wetter and summer sports have finished. It’s worse this season when it’s been so wet in parts of the country. And then there […]